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1. Eligibility criteria and program requirements

  • Buyers cannot currently own a home.
  • Buyers must be able to obtain mortgage financing.
  • Buyers must have a minimum credit score of 640.
  • Buyers must complete a homebuyer's education class and obtain a certificate.
  • Buyers must contribute in cash 3.5% of the sales price toward the purchase of the home for FHA loans.
  • INVESTORS ARE NOT ALLOWED to participate in this program.
  • Buyers must meet the following income guidelines (see Income Chart below)

Orange County Florida Income Guidelines Chart

Household Size Very Low Low Moderate
1 $20,450 $32,700 $49,080
2 $23,400 $37,400 $56,160
3 $26,300 $42,050 $63,120
4 $29,200 $46,700 $70,080
5 $31,550 $50,450 $75,720
6 $33,900 $54,200 $81,360
7 $36,250 $57,950 $87,000
8 $38,550 $61,650 $92,520
Updated May 2017

2. Homebuyer incentives and benefits

NSP homebuyer assistance up to $20,000 is available based on income and household size.
Very Low Income Low Income Moderate Income
Up to $20,000 Up to $15,000 Up to $10,000

To apply for NSP Homebuyer Assistance, fill out the NSP Application forms with your mortgage broker/lender.

Home renovations

Homes purchased by Orange County are renovated by licensed contractors and if needed will include energy efficiency improvements and updated appliances.

Resale provisions

Orange County will utilize a second mortgage with a 15 year term at 0% interest. The amount of the second mortgage will be equivalent to the NSP homebuyer and closing cost assistance provided by Orange County. Re-payment will not be required unless the property is sold, rented, or refinanced without prior approval of Orange County or ceases to be owner occupied during the lien period.

3. In order to apply for a NSP home, buyer must:

  • Be pre-qualified for a first mortgage by a mortgage lender and have a licensed realtor representing you.

    Need help finding a Realtor? (Orlando Regional Realtor Association)

    Need help finding a Mortgage? (Florida Association of Mortgage Professionals)

  • Complete a Homebuyer's Education program (valid for two years) offered by the following organizations:
Clearpoint Counseling Solutions


(Classes offered in English and Spanish)
(407) 895-8886 (Ext. 4)

H.A.N.D.S. of Central Florida

(Classes offered in English and Spanish)
(407) 447-5686 (option 4)

For additional information

Administrative Specialist
(407) 836-5171